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Achilles Tendonitis

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Achilles tendonitis is a painful overuse injury that is common in runners and athletes. At NYC Foot & Ankle Center in the Manhattan Valley neighborhood of the Upper West Side, expert podiatrists Diana Valencia, DPM, Emmanuel Bustos, DPM, and the team offer complete care for Achilles tendonitis, including shockwave therapy, custom orthotics, and minimally invasive surgery. Call the New York City office today to schedule treatment, or book your appointment online. 

Achilles Tendonitis Q & A

What causes Achilles tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis most often comes from wear-and-tear. Your Achilles tendon is a thick band of tissue that connects your calf muscles to your heel bone. Activities like running, playing sports, and standing for long periods can trigger inflammation, leading to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis symptoms include:

  • Heel pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling and warmth at the back of the heel
  • Difficulty standing on your tiptoes

Over time, Achilles tendonitis pain affects your ability to do certain activities like standing, walking, and running.

Should I see a foot doctor about Achilles tendonitis?

Make an appointment with the NYC Foot & Ankle Center team if you have ongoing pain in your heels or calves. That’s especially true if your symptoms occur suddenly after an injury and affect your ability to perform routine tasks. 

How is Achilles tendonitis diagnosed?

Your NYC Foot & Ankle Center provider asks about your symptoms and examines your heel and calf, looking for redness, swelling, and bruising. 

They gently press on the back, sides, and bottom of your heel to identify the source of your discomfort and assess your foot and ankle’s reflexes, alignment, and range of motion.

Next, your provider completes an ultrasound, which uses high-frequency sound waves to capture real-time images of your Achilles tendon. The team develops a personalized treatment plan if your ultrasound confirms you have Achilles tendonitis.

How is Achilles tendonitis treated?

The NYC Foot & Ankle Center team treats Achilles tendonitis with an integrative and minimally invasive approach. They might suggest:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication
  • Ice and rest
  • Physical therapy
  • Custom orthotics

If your symptoms continue or worsen, the team might prescribe shockwave therapy. This outpatient procedure uses an electric probe to administer mild shocks. The shocks increase circulation to your Achilles tendon, spurring your body’s healing process.

Sometimes, minimally invasive surgery is needed. For example, your provider might recommend surgical Achilles tendon repair if you tear or rupture your tendon.

Can Achilles tendonitis be prevented?

There’s no way to prevent Achilles tendonitis, but you can reduce your risk by taking good care of your feet. The team recommends wearing comfortable shoes that fit, always warming up before exercise, and stretching your feet daily. 

Call NYC Foot & Ankle Center today to explore the treatment options for Achilles tendonitis, or book online.